JBL GTO1214BR 12'' Subwoofer kasse 1400w

Model/varenr.: 103684
Fra: JBL
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JBL GTO1214BR 12'' Subwoofer kasse 1400w


12" high-performance subwoofer enclosure
The perfect choice for deep-bass enthusiasts.

GTO 1214BP is a car audio subwoofer enclosure from the popular Grand Touring® (GTO) series. The subwoofer has been significantly upgraded in terms of performance and design. Performance is enhanced by innovative Slipstream bass-reflex pports exclusive to JBL® subwoofers. Visually, thanks to their large apertures, these ports dominate the design. Their shape is, however, individually adapted to the subwoofer, effectively suppressing intrusive port noise and ensuring perfect port function, even at the loudest of volumes. And the surprisingly compact design doesn't diminish the deep bass response.

The top-of-the-line GTO 1214BP band-pass housing has an interior that illuminates in a discreet white lightt, holds a high-performance 12" chassis with a solid cast-aluminium frame. In conjuction with generouse ventilation and powerful dual magnets, this allows GTO 1214BP to handle extremely high loads.

A bass-reflex version, the GTO 1214BR, is also available. It's especially suited to fast bass runs, but is equally able to handle high loads. And thanks to its compact dimensions, it's extremely trunk-friendly.

Both models share a beautifully finished housing made from torsion-resistant MDF. Both have fronts finished in a trendy high-gloss-black finish.

GTO1214BP - 12"/300 mm enclosed subwoofer, 4 ohms, 350/1400 watt RMS max.


Størrelse 12'' Belastning (RMS) 350
Belastning (PEAK) 1400 Frekvensområde 35Hz-300hz
Følsomhed 94 Impedans 4 Ω
Dimensioner (BxDxH) 626x321x420mm


Kasse 45x55x75cm


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